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Qualifications and other ways to register

To register with us you must have the right qualification for your job. Find out what qualification you need to register and what you must do to register if you don't yet have the qualification that's required.

1. Register with a qualification

For workers who have a qualification Level 2 or 3 in health and social care (Diploma, QCF or NVQ) or equivalent.

Workers can also register using the City and Guilds Level 2 Health and Social Care: Core, but will then need to complete the full Level 2 or 3 in health and social care Diploma, QCF or NVQ within three years.

What you need to do:

Check that your qualification is accepted for registration apply to register on SCWonline.

2. Register by employer assessment

Employers can confirm their workers’ application to register after assessing their understanding against a list of areas.

The Employer must be confident that the worker has the necessary understanding, as set out in the employer’s assessment. The employer completes this assessment by confirming the information in their SCWonline account when a worker submits an online application. Online applications will also need to be endorsed by the employer.

Social care workers who use the employer assessment route to register will need to complete one of the qualifications listed in the qualification framework within the first three-year period of registration.

Read our frequently asked questions about the new employer assessment.

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